Friday, December 21, 2012

Guangzhou & HK yawww!! P1

Assalamu'alaikum!! One short announcement, I'm thinking turning my blog into a traveller's or backpacker's (sounds more suitable) blog. Whatever Yuhani! Just go straight to your post title would you??

 Ok, how do I start?
 When?----> 9th Dec - 15th Dec
What Happen?---> We went to HK and Guangzhou
With who?------> My sister and her friends (5 of us)(Me, Eizzah (sis), Aina, Amani and Shepah
How was it?--------> Great!

 Ok that's the intro. I was included in this travel at the first place was due to the rest are new travelers and my sister are 1st time travelers. So myself a self-called avid traveler has been invited to join the group to be a guide. However I think they did most of the job. (Good job guys!! Akak ikut je!!)The ticket was booked early of the year in Feb. So that makes 10 months for us to work on the budget which means monthly saving. The ticket was at RM300++.

 That's on how I was involved. Then comes the planning part. Well to be honest, only the last meeting of a series of meeting, that we met and finalise on who supposed to do what. And that also, only for 20 minutes that we talked about the coming trip, the rest is talking crap! Laughing and eating of course!(a meeting is never to be called a meeting without this package of talk+laugh+eat). So the outcome of it? Shepah needs to sleep at my house, doing the research and budget guide until 4am! Luckily our flight are Sunday morning 5am. Worse, half-way research, unpacked things, unconverted money never stop us from going to kenduri, going to BBW, going for a hair-cut and also going to office settling unfinished work! (pegi 6 hari je kot! nk gunting rambut bagai time2 ni apa ke hal nya? BBW tu sampai 23rd kot!)Well that's the thrill in travelling. Everything that happened before the travelling is to test the calmness in you. Whether you're gonna freak out or just be calm, pack what ever you could think of, take your passport and money with you (whatever amount you have with you) and just fly! In our case, we got everything ready just on time before we move to the airport, which means our sleep is only in the flight. Everyone came to the airport on time. Me and my sis were the earliest. Everyone with one luggage, one backpack and sling-bag but Amani got one big luggage and another small luggage which makes her hands both occupied to carry and pull. I could see a little bit of hassle there but it's ok..kita redah je! Before that, we stuffed our stomach with Marybrown as we couldn't be bothered about food in the flight as sleep is all I could think of once I get myself seated in the flight.  Geng Guangzhou

  Makan dulu apa2 pun.. 

While waiting for the train to HK. Masing2 check WIFI
Mineral Water Free!
We arrived I think earlier than expected by 20 minutes. Everything was smooth. We head straight to Guangzhou East Railway Station (GERS). Bought the subway ticket through the ticket machine. The attendant in the cube only change your money to small changes and not sell ticket manually. All tickets need to be bought through the machine and most of the machine only accept 5 and 10 reminbi notes. So if you don't have the notes, just go to the attendant in the cube and they'll give you coins and notes accepted by the machine. We reached GERS and bought ticket straight to Kowloon HK. The train stopped at Hung Hom Station and the journey is about 2 hrs. We were so excited that we didn't sleep in the train but instead chit chat, and me and Aina ordered coffee. We ordered before we knew that we actually got a bottle of mineral water each for free. I don't quite like the taste of the coffee as the milk taste is stronger than coffee AND I DON'T LIKE MILK!  We reached Hong Kong at about 2pm. Next will be our 1st challenge of looking for the Hostel. That will be in my next post!! Just enjoy the first few pics!!

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